Translation Services

Since 2000, we provide medical, technical, legal, commercial translation as well as interpreting services.

Medical and Technical Translation

We collaborate with medical doctors, pharmacists and biochemists for medical translations.

As for technical translations, we focus on functionality and nomenclature, do a preliminary study on the relevant line of industry and draft a glossary working with you if you wish.

Translation texts that we mostly focus on medical area:

  • Medical literature
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • Physician Leaflets
  • Training Content
  • Presentations
  • Clinical Trials
  • Protocols
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Food Supplements

Examples of translation texts in the technical area:

  • Telecommunication
  • Software and Hardware
  • User Instrucions
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Product Specifications
  • Certificates
  • Technical Surveys
  • Patents

Business and Legal Translations

We are well aware that reports that you put your signature at the bottom, brochures that you are going to present to your customers or case files that you will build your defense on are of critical importance for your business life.

We hope to be your preferred solution partner with our notary certified specialist translators.

Types of Business and Legal Translation Texts:

  • Balance Sheets
  • Financial Statements
  • Quotes
  • Agreements
  • Case Files
  • Proxy Statements
  • Codes, Decrees, Legislation
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Press Releases

Interpreting Services

We accompany you every step of the way with our experienced interpreters who will properly reflect you and your image in international meetings, reinforce your communication with your audience and remove the language barrier. Rest assured that you will be provided with the most reliable interpreters whether it is a conference, a business meeting, a business trip, or other procedures to be performed before a notary public or other official agencies.

  • Simultaneous/Liaison Interpreting

  • The interpreter listens to the speech with headphones either in the same room where the meeting is held or in another room where he/she can watch the meeting on a screen and relays the speech to the target language without pausing. This type of interpreting is mostly preferred for meetings with a crowded audience such as conferences and seminars.

  • Consecutive Interpreting

  • The interpreter listens to the conversation and interprets it when the speaker pauses. This type of interpreting is especially convenient for smaller business meetings, business dinners and plant visits.

  • Liaison Interpreting

  • Interpreter will accompany the person or the group requesting interpreting services and attend receptions or trips to help eliminate the barrier of language by either interpreting, informing when necessary or even participating the conversation. Liaison interpreting is specifically preferred when entertaining foreign guests.

  • Transcribing

  • It is the process of listening to videos or other sound recording in order to transcribe it into text. Transcribed text can either be used as it is, or can be translated into another language.